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Ishigaki Island Blue Cave Snorkeling (243179)

3 hours
Ishigaki Island Blue Cave Snorkeling

The beautiful sea, symbolic of Ishigaki Island. Go snorkeling in the world class waters of Ishigaki Island!

*The popular Blue Cave*
On PiPi's snorkeling tour you will visit Ishigaki Island's popular Blue Cave and the magnificent seas surrounding it. The transparency underwater is phenomenal. The clear blue waters continue as far as the eye can see.

*Meet the subtropical fish*
Many incredible creatures live in this beautiful sea. Big fish, small fish, colorful fish, uniquely shaped fish... Let's have a peek at life under the sea!

*Free photo data!*
Memories of the trip is something will surely remain with you. However, we want them to stay with you for even longer, so during the tour, the guide will take a picture of everyone with a special waterproof camera and give you free data at the end of the tour! 

*Guide Support!*
You will receive ample support from our guides. At PiPi, we strive to operate safe tours above all else. Snorkeling can be enjoyed by first-timers, small children, senior citizens, and those who are not good at swimming, so please feel free to consult us!

Cancellation Policy:
If cancelled 2 days before the tour, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.
If cancelled 1 day before the tour, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

Ishigakijima Adventure PiPi


-Participation Fee
-SUP Board Rental 
-Insurance Fee
-Specialty Shoes Rental 
-Consumption Tax


-Clothing you don't mind getting wet in (Please change into the clothes you don't mind getting wet in before the meeting time)

Please note

・ Meeting and dismissal time will vary on the season and field conditions on the day of the tour. The shop will contact you on the day before the tour to confirm the meeting place and meeting time. If the shop does not contact you by the evening of the previous day, please call 050-5434-0570 (Ishigakijima ADVENTURE PiPi).

・ The tour will be conducted even during rain. However, if we judge that the safety of the participants might be in danger, we may cancel the tour.

・ Please change into your ready-to-get-wet clothes in advance.

・ Please use the toilet before arrival (there are no toilets near the site).

・ Please note that we will not be accepting partcipants under the influence of alcohol. 

・ Please contact us in advance in the case that you will be late.


-Clothing you don't mind getting wet in (Please change into the clothes you don't mind getting wet in before the meeting time)

Experience type

Day tour / Activity

Advance booking

Cancel : 1 day


3 hours

Please check in advance

Minimum age: 5

Meeting place

Meeting Place:

For those who would like to use the shuttle service
Ishigaki Port Inter-Island Terminal
1 Misakicho, Ishigaki-shi, Okinawa, 907-0012
**There is a coin-operated parking nearby

For those who would like to go on to the site their own
Yonehara Palm tree grove
(Google Map → F52V + HW Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture)

Departure time:
- 9:00 am
- 1:00 pm

**Please assemble 10 minutes before the departure time.
Please change into the clothes you don't mind getting wet in before the meeting time.
If you would like to be dropped off at the hotel at the end of this tour, please inform us beforehand.

Yonehara Palm tree grove

9:30 am / 1:30 pm
Arrival at the starting place! (Those joining us locally will be also joining us here at this hour)

10:00 am / 2:00 pm
Start of the activity!

Blue Cave

10:20 am / 2:20 pm
We will first make our way to the Blue Cave! Enjoy swimming with the subtropical fish in the clear and beautiful world extending before you!

End of tour

12:00 am / 4:00 pm

Arrival at Ishigaki port terminal / hotel will signify the end of the tour. We will drop off the tour participants at either Ishigaki Port Terminal or the hotel they're staying at!
Thank you for joining us and we hope to see you again in the future!

In case of NOT using the pick-up service, you can enjoy the experience from the following places.
石垣港離島ターミナル (For guests using shuttle service: Ishigaki Port Inter-Island Terminal)

沖縄県美崎町1番地, 907-0012 Ishigaki, Japan

現地集合(ジェリーフィッシュ駐車場) (For guests going to the venue on their own: Jelly Fish Parking Lot)

沖縄県石垣市桴海644-38, 907-0451 Ishigaki, Japan

Note: pick-up will start 5 minutes before departure.
Pick-up service is available at the following places.
  • 石垣港離島ターミナル / Ishigaki Ferry Terminal


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