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Unexplored Yanbaru Shower Climbing & Canyoning [with zip slide & natural water slide] (294570)

3 h, 30 min
Unexplored Yanbaru Shower Climbing & Canyoning [with zip slide & natural water slide]

Trekking alone isn't enough! A super active tour that also includes climbing!

The stage is “Yanbaru no Mori,” designated as a national park full of subtropical plants
Even in the forest of Yanbaru, we head to a secret venue that is still unknown.
Along the way to the clear river, where you can also see the natural monument “Ryukyu ayu,” there are waterfalls of various shapes, large and small, and aim for the large waterfall at the innermost part.
But it's not just about aiming for it. Be exciting along the way too! Be active! I will aim for it!

Experience authentic shower climbing using ropes and harnesses!

I want them to do things they wouldn't normally experience!
With that in mind, this tour included shower climbing where you wear ropes and harnesses and climb waterfalls along the way while using both hands and feet.
The waterfall is about 3 meters long, but it's still thrilling! Of course, the guide will climb while ensuring safety, so you can rest assured. This is a point where you can get very excited while being bathed in splashes of water.

There are also natural waterslides and diving!

From a natural waterslide made of a waterfall to a waterfall basin.
There are various diving points along the way. Let's get wet and play.

Finally, let's enjoy the exhilarating feeling with a zip slide!

The climax of the tour was the large waterfall at the innermost part of the river. While moving and feeling a sense of accomplishment from that mysterious appearance, we entered the final big event of the tour “Zip Slide”!
Use a carabiner to have them slide down the rope stretched from the top of the waterfall all at once! The amazing views and exhilaration from the top of the waterfall are sure to be addictive!

Normal play isn't enough! If that's all I can do, I want to play a lot!
Those looking for an active tour will be very satisfied and enjoy the tour content.

Discounts are also available for 2 or more people, 3 people or more, and 6 people or more! *Discounted rates will be applied automatically.

・Group discount [6 people or more] ¥7,800

・Group discount [3 people or more] ¥8,800

・Pair discount [2 people or more] ¥9,800

・Regular rate [1 person] ¥12,800

Option fees

・GOPRO rental (SD included) ¥3,000 per unit

Participation requirements: 12 to 55 years old

On the day of the event, we ask that you sign the following consent form before the experience.

If you apply on this site, you will be deemed to have accepted the acceptance form, so please be sure to check before applying.

Confirm Information 1 

*The drifting conditions of pumice fluctuate daily due to the effects of the flow of the tide, wind direction, etc., so tours may be changed/canceled just in time.

[Cancellation Information]

Free cancellation up to 2 days before the experience

100% cancellation fee 1 day before the experience

100% cancellation fee on the day of the experience


Pulau Lama


・Guide fees, life jackets, wetsuits (winter), trekking shoes, harnesses, helmets, insurance premiums, photographs, consumption tax


・Clothes that can get wet (On the day of the tour, please change clothes so that you can get wet beforehand before meeting.)



Please note

*Please wear a swimsuit or the like that can get wet under your clothes beforehand.
*Children (elementary school students and younger) are not allowed to participate.
*For safety reasons, pregnant people are not allowed to participate.
*In the event of heavy rain, there is a risk of flash flooding in rivers, so the tour may be canceled.
※After the tour, we will prepare a tent for changing clothes.
 It's clean river water, but fresh water (hot water on cold days) is provided to flush the body when changing clothes.
*For safety reasons, people weighing 80 kg or more are not allowed to zip slide from the top of the waterfall. (You can join the tour)
*The minimum number of participants is 2 to 10 people.


Swimsuit, towel, change of clothes

Please come in a swimsuit or clothing that can get wet.
Please come with it already worn underneath your clothes (if possible).

Experience type

Day tour / Activity

Advance booking

Cancel : 2 days


3 h, 30 min

Please check in advance

Minimum age: 12


Held twice a day. (8:30 meeting, 13:30 meeting)  

Finish the reception and restrooms at the meeting place and move to the river.

Go to a secret venue

The tour begins.(180 minutes)

End of tour

Change clothes

We have prepared a water (hot water in winter) tent for changing clothes.


Thank you for your hard work ♬

You can start the experience from the following places.

沖縄県名護市字真喜屋802−1, 905-1143 nago, Japan



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