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Southeast Botanical Gardens (411183)

1 hour and 30 minutes
An entrance ticket to the garden that can be enjoyed by all generations!

A botanical garden resort with a tropical feel!
About 1,300 kinds of plants, including palm trees, live here.
Enjoy strolling through the garden and admiring the seasonal flowers and trees.
In addition, there is a fishing pond and an animal petting zoo for parents and children of all ages to enjoy.

Cancellation Policy  

If you cancel the day before, 50% of the fee will be charged.
If cancelled on the day of the event, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

Southeast Botanical Garden


Entrance fee

Please note

Opening hours:
9:00PM - 6:00PM
Opening hours during Christmas lights period (From October 23rd~):
9:00AM - 10:00PM 
*There will be an additional charge for entry during Christmas lights period, so we ask for your understanding in advance.


The ticket you receive from JJ Activity is not an entrance ticket.
Please show the ticket from JJ Activity at the ticket counter of the venue and exchange it for an entrance ticket.

Experience type

Day tour / Activity

Advance booking

Cancel : 1 day


1 hour and 30 minutes

Southeast Botanical Gardens Entry

This botanical garden is located in the central part of the main island of Okinawa.
There are about 1,300 species of plants, and the area is divided into two areas, the "Water Paradise Area" and the "Botanical Garden Area", each of which has a number of spots to see.

Meeting place
Southeast Botanical Garden Reception Desk
Address: 2146 Chibana, Okinawa City, Okinawa Prefecture 904-2143 Southeast Botanical Garden

Opening hours

You can start the experience from the following places.
東南植物楽園 当園受付窓口

沖縄県沖縄市知花2146, 904-2143 Okinawa City, Japan



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