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Yambaru National Park Enjoyment Course (Hip-Hop Bus Course C)

11 hours and 30 minutes
Yambaru National Park Enjoyment Course (Hip-Hop Bus Course C)

Fully enjoy the abundant nature of Yambaru in the 3 Yambaru Villages - Kunigami, Higashi, & Ogimi! 

  • Enjoy hiking in the lush nature of the Yambaru National Park and Daisekirinzan.
  • Explore the largest mangrove forest on the island and Gesashi Mangrove Forest!
  • Come face-to-face with a real live Okinawa Rail (Yambaru Kuina) at the Okinawa Rail Ecology Center!

** Jumbo Tours supports the efforts to have Amami & Ryukyu inscribed on the world heritage list.

Tour Perks:

1. 100% additive-free Shikuwasa (citrus fruit) jello made by Ogimi Village's Farming & Fishing Village Life Research Society

2. Pack of 10 sweet steamed buns from Nago City Confectionary Shop Ebisu Manju.

3. Green tea cheese tart from Oku District, Kunigami Village.

4. 1 bottle of mineral water from Higashi Village!

Days Operated:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Cancellation Policy:

100% cancellation fee if cancelled the day of the tour.

50% cancellation fee if cancelled the day before the tour.

40% cancellation fee if cancelled 2 days before the tour.

30% cancellation fee if cancelled 7 days before the tour.


Jumbo Tours

(Please check our YouTube channel for the English version of the promotional video below)


  • Mangrove Park nature guide fee
  • Yanbaru Forest Visitor Center - Dome Theater fee
  • Daisekirinzan entrance fee
  • Okinawa Rail Ecology Center entrance fee
  • Multilingual audio guide usage fee
  • Lunch (age 6+)
  • Roundtrip bus fare
  • Tour conductor fee
  • Earphones
  • Consumption tax
  • Small complimentary gifts (specialty local products)


Lunch for children 5 years old and under

Please note

  • Regarding lunch: The menu is subject to change depending on supply on the day of the tour.
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail after you book the tour.
  • This tour is not accompanied by a bus guide. A tour conductor will guide participants to the entrance of each facility.
  • If you are unable to enter a sightseeing spot due to personal circumstances or other unforeseen factors (bad weather eg.), we will not be able to refund the fee for that sightseeing spot.
  • The scheduled end time may be significantly delayed dependiing on the road conditions on the day of the tour.
  • It is possible to deboard the bus at a designated pick-up/drop-off spot even if you boarded the bus at a different location.
  • Large luggage such as suitcases and baby strollers can be stored in teh bus trunk. Please do not leave your valuables in the bus.
  • The tour can accommodate individuals in wheel chairs. (only folding wheel chairs) *However, please note that the bus is not a low-floor bus.
  • Please note that you may have to share teh seat next to you with another passenger.


Please wear comfortable footwear.

Experience type

Day tour / Activity

Advance booking

Cancel : 1 day


11 hours and 30 minutes

Audio guide

English Japanese

Higashi Village - Mangrove Park (Fureai Hirugi Park)


Experience the vast nature of the Yambaru area and learn about the ecology and creatures that inhabit the mangroves as you explore the largest mangrove forest on the island, Gesashi Mangrove Park, with a local nature guide from Higashi Village.

Stay Time: about 45 min.

Yambaru Forest Visitor Center - Dome Theater


A new facility in Ogimi Village that just opened in February 2020! Experience the nature of Yambaru through the 360-degree dome-shaped screen. Learn even more about the Yambaru area through videos shown at the theater.

Stay Time: about 25 min.

Kunigami Minato Shokudo (Lunch)


Enjoy a local lunch set consisting of 5 types of sashimi (raw fish) and fried fish made with fresh fish caught that day! 

*The menu is subject to change depending on supply on the day of the tour.

Stay Time: about 50 min.

Kunigami Village - Secret Photo Spot


Take commemorative photos at a scenic spot in Kunigami Village!

Stay Time: about 5 min.

Cape Hedo


Located 120 km north of Naha, Cape Hedo is the northernmost point in Okinawa. On clear days you can see Yoron Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, located 22 km away. The view of the cobalt blue sea from the protruding coral cliffs is breathtaking! The scenery of the western coast on the way to to Cape Hedo is also noteworthy.

Stay Time: about 30 min.



Designated as Yanbaru National Park in September 2016! After strolling through an area containing subtropical plants and megalith rock formations that can only be seen in this area, admire the vast ocean from the observatory. If you are lucky you may even be able to see the Yanbaru Kuina - an endangered bird species! It has been known as a sacred place since long ago! Choose from 4 hiking courses - including a barrier-free course.

Stay Time: about 1 hour

Okinawa Rail Ecology Center - Kuina Forest


There are exhibits on the ecology and habitat of the Okinawa Rail (Yambaru Kuina) as well as an exhibit recreating the habitat of the Okinawa Rail. These birds are rarely seen in the wild, but you can observe one in real life at this facility! 

Stay Time: about 30 min.

Roadside Station - Yui Yui Kunigami


Enjoy shopping at Okinawa's northernmost roadside station, Yui Yui Kunigami. Search for specialty products that you can only find here.

Stay Time: about 20 min.

Note: pick-up will start 5 minutes before departure.
Pick-up service is available at the following places.
  • 7:30am ロワジールホテル那覇(イースト館前)/ Hotel Loisir Naha (East Annex)
  • 7:40am 県民広場(沖縄県庁前)/ Kenmin Hiroba (Prefectural Office)
  • 7:50am Tギャラリア沖縄 by DFS(洋服の青山向かい側) / DFS T-Gallery Okinawa (across from "Youfuku no Aoyama" shop)
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