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Nago Pineapple Park Entrance Ticket (223917)

Nago Pineapple Park admission ticket

Just like a somewhere's Oversea view!Many Tropical Flowers and Botanicals,It will be Jangle experience

Go through the promenade,Huge plants will everywhere!even though It is in the Air space

You will feel near you!Enjoy 

Also,Pineapple Sweets and Product at the store

About Entrance Ticket

The ticket you receive from JJ Activity is not an entrance ticket.

Please show the ticket from JJ Activity at the ticket counter of the venue and exchange it for an entrance ticket.

About Okinawa Activity Up to 50% Off Campaign

Under this campaign, activities/experiences and admission tickets to tourism facilities in Okinawa Prefecture, are discounted up to 50% off. Enjoy Okinawa's charming nature, culture and history through activities and experiences! (This campaign is sponsored by the Okinawa Prefectural Government in an effort to support tourism facilities and activity suppliers in Okinawa Prefecture.) 

Campaign terms and conditions

① This campaign is only for residents in Okinawa.

② When using the 50% OFF campaign, on the day of the experience, those over 12 years old are required to present a three-time vaccine vaccination certificate or a negative certificate such as PCR (within 72 hours). However, for children under 12 years old, proof is not required if all the accompanying persons presenting certificates.

・Valid Period: May. 1, 2022 to Aug. 31, 2022

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2. Choose a date, click the checkout button.

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4. Input the required participant information, and proceed to the payment page. 

*Please see the reservation instruction video below.


・ If you are unable to present either your ID or a three-time vaccine vaccination certificate or a negative certificate such as PCR (within 72 hours) on the experience day, your booking will bot be apllied with the 50% off discount. Please note that in this case, the shop will ask you to pay the full amount of the tour fee.

・Please note that negative certificates of self-testing kits are not accepted.

・Cancellation fees will be calculated based on the non-discounted tour fee. 

・Those who are not residents of Okinawa Prefecture are not eligible for this campaign discount.

・Those who are not residents of Okinawa Prefecture will be charged the price difference of the tour fee if they use the campaign discount.

・The campaign will end once the allotted budget has been spent.

[Information on cancellations]

If cancelled the day before the tour, 100% cancellation fee will be charged.


Nago Pineapple Park

Initiatives related to the novel coronavirus infection

Before participating in the experience, please register for the contact confirmation app COCOA and the official LINE account “RICCA” for COVID-19 Countermeasures Personal Support.

For more information Click here Please check it out.


  • Pineapple Cart fee

Please note

There is no enter ticket

Enter ticket will recive at the Ticket counter

Experience type

Day tour / Activity

Advance booking

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Nago Pineapple Park

They have Pineapple farm Tropical flowers and trees, It will be Jangle experience

Also,Pineapple Sweets and Pineapple Product at the a store

You can start the experience from the following places.
ナゴパイナップルパーク(Nago Pineapple park)

沖縄県名護市為又1195, 905-0005 Nago, Japan



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