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A hot spring containing ancient fossil seawater(627581)

1 hour and 30 minutes
A hot spring that contains ancient fossil seawater


The hot spring water of "Enjin no Yu" is on the ground from strata of different eras, about 5 million years ago (Cenozoic Neogene, Pliocene) and about 54 million years ago (Paleogene Eocene) at the bottom of the earth 219 m to 1,500 m It is naturally blended until it rises.
It contains ancient fossil seawater from the time when Ardipithecus Lamidas, a type of ape-man, was born, which is the oldest human race.
The salt content of 80% of current general seawater is shown, but there are also properties that are completely different from seawater, such as metasilicic acid, calcium, iodine, iron, and nutritional salts, which are said to be related to skin-beautifying effects.
Please enjoy the blessings of nature as it is without filtering, heating, or adding water to the fullest.


【Start time】
weekday AM 11:00 ~ PM 11:00 / Saturday and Sunday AM 11:00 ~ PM 11:00

[Meeting time]
Please gather at least 15 minutes before the start time.

【Time required】
90 minutes [Number of participants]1 or more

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Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo Natural Hot Spring Sashiki no Yu

Initiatives related to the novel coronavirus infection

Before participating in the experience, please register for the contact confirmation app COCOA and the official LINE account “RICCA” for COVID-19 Countermeasures Personal Support.

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Experience materials, equipment, warranty, consumption tax, bathing tax


There is also a private bath where natural hot springs can be used for private use. (Paid). Are you in need of assistance

Customers can also enjoy their own space without worrying about the public eye.

Please note

Children aged 9 and over are allowed to take a bath according to their gender. Please be sure to be accompanied by a guardian for small children.

People with tattoos and tattoos (including tattoo stickers) are not allowed to take a bath regardless of size.

Bathing after drinking alcohol is prohibited for safety reasons.

■About using hot springs
1. We will be open normally while taking safety measures.
weekday AM7:00~PM11:00
Saturday and Sunday  AM6:30~PM11:00

2. If dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc. are crowded, we will set admission restrictions.
Therefore, if you want to wait for bathing, please tell me your name and contact information at the reception desk, and go to the parking lot
Please wait When the bathing order comes, we will guide you by phone.

3. Please make sure that the following 6 items apply before using the hot springs.
① There are no strong symptoms such as mild cold symptoms, shortness of breath, strong sluggishness, high fever
② There are no mild cold symptoms in the elderly
③ Relatively mild cold symptoms do not continue
④ No fatigue, cough, phlegm, chest discomfort
⑤ There are no people suspected of being infected by family members living together or close acquaintances
⑥ No overseas travel history within the past 14 days (himself/family living together)

4. Only 10 seats are available in the relaxation room to ensure social distancing; sauna room occupants
Number limit (5 male dry saunas, 4 female dry saunas, 2 female mist saunas). Sau
The Na Room should be ventilated for 10 minutes at regular intervals.
When using the sauna, please use a seat laid on the seat surface, and disinfect it after use.

5. At all times, the entrance of the facility, the dressing room, the bathroom, and the entrance to the relaxation room are open and ventilated.

6. Used locker knobs, inside lockers, disinfection of locker keys, handrails, elevator boards
We will strengthen the disinfection of tongue.

7. In order to strengthen ventilation in the cleaning work area, which is more frequent than usual, some facilities will be operated and serviced
We may suspend it.

8. There is also a private bath where natural hot springs can be used for private use. (Paid). Are you in need of assistance
Customers can also enjoy their own space without worrying about the public eye.

9. When using the facility, please fill in your name and contact information as a “Facility Use Agreement”.


Change your clothes

Experience type

Day tour / Activity

Advance booking

Cancel : 1 day


1 hour and 30 minutes

Live guide

Japanese English Chinese


【Meeting place】

Hot spring Sashikino Enjin no Yu

Address:1688 Sashiki, Nanjo city, Okinawa 901-1412

[Meeting time]

・AM 11:00 ~ PM 11:00 (last reception PM 10:30)

*Please gather 5 minutes before the meeting time.


Please use natural hot springs to recover from fatigue and improve health.

After bathing

The hotel also has a relaxing room, a shop and a dining room. Please relax as long as time permits.

Tour end/disband

Thank you very much for using it.

You can start the experience from the following places.
天然温泉さしきの 猿人の湯

〒901-1412 沖縄県南城市佐敷字新里1688, 901-1412 Nanjo, Japan



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