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[Entrance Ticket] Okinawa World (Gyokusendo Cave + Kingdom Village)(654133)

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[Entrance Ticket] Okinawa World (Gyokusendo Cave + Kingdom Village)

One of Okinawa's largest tourist theme parks where you can experience Okinawa's nature, culture, and history.

Gyokusendo Cave is one of the largest caves in Japan, with a length of 5000 meters and it contains over 1,000,000 stalactites. 890 meters of the cave are currently open to the public while the rest of the cave is reserved for research use. The park's popular attraction, "Super Eisa" is an original version of Okinawa's traditional Eisa, which are dances performed in groups to honor ancestors during Obon of the lunar calendar.

There are traditional homes over 100 years old lining the roads of the Ryukyu Kingdom Village castle town area, where you can make your very own traditional crafts.

Business Hours

9:00 am - 5:30 pm(entrance closes at:4:30 pm)

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Entrance fee(Gyokusendo Cave & Kingdom Village) 


Habu Museum Park entrance fee

Please note

With the exception of Gyokusendo Cave (limestone cave), the entire park is barrier free.

Pets are allowed in the park, but they are not allowed in food and beverage shops and must be kept on a leash at all times. Please be considerate of other guests when bringing pets to the park. 

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Day tour / Activity

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1 day

Okinawa World(Gyokusendo Cave + Kingdom Village)

Gyokusendo is one of Asia's most beautiful limestone caves. 10 million people visit the cave annually.

The Kingdom Village is recreates the olden day Okinawan townscape of a Ryukyu Kingdom era castle town. 

There is also a Ryukyu Glass Kingdom Workshop where you can make glass items.

You can start the experience from the following places.
おきなわワールド(Okinawa World)

沖縄県南城市玉城前川1336 / 1336 Tamagusuku Maekawa, 901-0616 Nanjo-shi, Okinawa, Japan



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