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[Reopened on December 16, 2021!] Miegusuku Hot Springs and Island People's Hot Springs (within Loisir Hotel Naha) (671627)

9 h
[Reopened on December 16, 2021!] Miegusuku Hot Springs and Island People's Hot Springs (within Loisir Hotel Naha)

Miegusuku Onsen at Loisir Hotel Naha is one of the few natural hot springs in Okinawa.

It was successfully tested and opened in November of Heisei 1. A hot spring with a water temperature of 40.9 degrees is self-boiling from 800 meters underground, and the spring quality is a sodium iodide and chloride spring. Fossilized seawater from about 8 million years ago was heated by geothermal heat, and its composition is completely different from volcanic hot springs that are common on the mainland. Since it is fossil seawater, it contains salt, and is characterized by being salty when licked, so it is also commonly called a salt spring. Unlike volcanic hot springs, they are odorless and can be used as if you were bathing normally. After bathing, salt adhering to the skin prevents sweat from evaporating, and has an excellent heat retention effect. It is popular as a “warm hot spring” that is kind to women. Enjoy a relaxing time by incorporating the blessings of natural hot springs born from the Okinawan ocean into your mind and body


Payment time: 09:00 - 18:00

Participation conditions: Nothing in particular

Number of participants: 1 or more



[Cancellation Information]

No cancellation fee until 2 days before the experience

No cancellation fee 1 day before the trial

100% cancellation without prior notice on the day


Loisir Hotel Naha

Initiatives related to the novel coronavirus infection

Before participating in the experience, please cooperate in registering for the contact confirmation app COCOA and the official LINE account “RICCA” for personal support for novel coronavirus countermeasures.

For more information here Please check it out.


Hot spring entrance fee, 1 face towel, 1 bath towel

Please note

About using the facility

・In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus infection, “admission restrictions” may be imposed depending on the time of day.

・When bathing, attach the locker key to your wrist and keep it on without taking it off your skin.

・The age at which “boys to the women's bath” and “girls to the men's bath” can take a bath is up to [6 years old (preschoolers)]. Thank you so much for your kind understanding.

・People with illnesses that may infect other people are not allowed to take a bath.

・Please refrain from using it if you have a tattoo or a tattoo.

・Please refrain from taking a bath if you are menstruating.

・Children under elementary school age should be accompanied by a parent or guardian of the same sex.

・Regarding the use of hot spring facilities for infants, it is possible for children without diapers to use it, but for hygiene management, bathing in the bathtub is prohibited. Please use the built-in baby bathtub.


・Change of clothes

Experience type

Day tour / Activity

Advance booking

Cancel : 1 day


9 h


Reception location: Loisir Hotel Naha 2nd floor

Address: 〒 900-0036 Nishi 3-2-1, Naha-shi, Okinawa

Business hours: 9:00 to 18:00

You can start the experience from the following places.

沖縄県那覇市西3-2-1, 900-0036 Naha, Japan



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