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[Taisetsu Dam de Momiji SUP] ⑤ Land and Water Fall Foliage Walking & SUP Experience Program Tour <short> (795349)

1 h, 30 min
An experience program where you can enjoy the nature of Mt. Taisetsu from both land and water! Taisetsu dam fall foliage trekking and easy fall foliage SUP short cruising where you can enjoy spectacular views from above the dam lake that you can't usually see with W.

An experience that can only be experienced locally...

Enjoy SUP activities in a “dam lake” nestled in a national park that you wouldn't normally enter!

You can spend a luxurious time while enjoying the beauty of the gorge surrounded by nature and the red colored autumn leaves

■ Tour guide included & SUP rental fee included (SUP board, paddle, dry suit, marine boots, life jacket)


★ A short course where you can easily enjoy spectacular views of fall foliage from the lake surface and back land, which you wouldn't normally be able to enter!

★ While enjoying the fall colors, enjoy the feeling of a picnic in untouched nature ♪

[SUP operation management/K-LABO https://www.k-labo-sup.com/]

・ Benefits: Injury protection, liability compensation

・Qualification: SIJ (Japan SUP Leaders Association) SUP Instructor

・ Association: SIJ (Japan SUP Instructor Association) 

●Conditions for participation

Number of participants and age restrictions

・Minimum 1 person, maximum 8 people (for elementary school students and older)

※Even those who are completely new to SUP or who are not good at swimming can participate.

* For children under elementary school age, the maximum weight that can be loaded on a SUP board is about 100 kilograms, so it is possible to ride with a small child on 1 SUP while accompanied by an adult. In that case, children travelling together will be free.

●About the meeting place

We will pick you up from each hotel in Sounkyo Onsen to the Taisetsu Dam SUP venue.

If you are arriving by private car or rental car, please park your car in front of Taisetsu Plaza 273 (parking lot inside Taisetsu Plaza 273 Snow Removal Station depending on the situation) and come to the SUP reception desk.

※If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact information provided at the time of booking.

●About insurance

We have indemnity insurance and accident insurance for participants in the unlikely event of an accident.

We are not responsible for damage or injuries that exceed the coverage of this insurance, so we recommend that customers voluntarily enroll in “domestic travel insurance” or “travel to Japan insurance” for foreign travelers for accident insurance.

●Regarding clothing and belongings

LocallyDry suits, marine boots, and life jackets are available(included in the experience fee)

〈About dry suit innerwear (clothing))
You can choose innerwear from everyday clothes! We recommend materials that dry quickly.

It looks like a long-sleeved shirt, jersey, pants, or socks. If the land is quite hot, a short-sleeved shirt is also possible, but in general, long-sleeved shirts are recommended because they don't get sticky due to sweat. If possible, polyester is the best material for shirts! Mountaineering innerwear and ski undershirts are equally suitable.

〈About shoes〉
 Travel on a gravel road in the mountains to the surface of the Taisetsu dam lake. Please avoid high heels, sandals, etc., and wear athletic shoes that are easy to move around in. During this period, the water becomes cold, and wet skin is exposed to wind, making it easier for body temperature to drop. If your athletic shoes are perfect, it will be easier to avoid that kind of wind.

〈Outer jacket, windbreaker〉

A wet body is blown away by the wind, making it easier for body temperature to drop. It may feel chilly depending on the weather, so if you bring a windbreaker that is as thin (padded) as possible, it will be more comfortable.

〈Bands to prevent glasses〉

If you fall into the water, there is a possibility that your glasses or sunglasses will come off and sink into the water. It's impossible to dive very deep into the water, so be sure to bring a band if you wear glasses or sunglasses.


You sweat and get lots of sunlight, so you may be dehydrated without even realizing it. Please prepare hydration and tanning cream.

Meals are not included unless the plan is individually set, so please prepare and complete your own meals.


* Since this is an experience or tour carried out in nature, the details may be changed/canceled, or the meeting/dissolution time may be changed depending on the weather, amount of water, and other conditions. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

※Excluding stormy weather such as typhoons and strong winds, etc., the tour will be held in case of rain.

*Those who are pregnant, drink an amount of alcohol that is determined to interfere with participation in the program, or have a chronic illness are not allowed to participate.

●About cancellation fees

If you cancel due to customer circumstances, you will be charged the following cancellation fee.

3 days ago: free, 2 days ago: 30% of the total amount, the day before: 50% of the total amount, on the day of the event: 100% of the total amount, after implementation (no notification, no participation): 100% of the total amount


Sounkyo Tourist Association

〈Hours〉10:30 - 17:00 ※Closed on the soil day

〈TEL〉01658-2-1811fill in the mail at sokankyo@io.ocn.ne.jp

■SUP operation management/K-LABO https://www.k-labo-sup.com/

・ Benefits: Injury protection, liability compensation

         ・Qualification: SIJ (Japan SUP Leaders Association) SUP Instructor

・ Association: SIJ (Japan SUP Instructor Association) 



Experience fee, guide fee, rental fee (SUP board, paddle, dry suit, marine boots, life jacket), insurance


Change of clothes, bath towels, warm clothes, etc.

※Please check the detailed information for details

Experience type

Day tour / Activity

Advance booking

Cancel : 2 days


1 h, 30 min

Please check in advance

Minimum age: 5


Meet at the venue reception 15 minutes before the tour starts.

※If you are using a shuttle service, we will pick you up about 30 minutes before the start.

After filling out the application form at the reception tent, walk to the SUP venue while enjoying nature (about 3 minutes).

Dry suits, marine boots, life jackets, etc. will be given at the venue. Please change your own clothes.

●Meeting address  Sounkyo, Kamikawa-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido (reception in front of Taisetsu Plaza 273)

※The reception and entrance route to the venue are not at the Taisetsu Dam Management Branch.

Please be careful not to make a mistake

●Parking   Please use the free parking lot at Taisetsu Plaza 273 (snow removal station) or the private parking lot in front of the venue reception.

Walk to the venue & get dressed

Walk to the surface of the lake at the SUP venue while enjoying nature (about 3 minutes).

Dry suits, marine boots, life jackets, etc. will be given at the venue.

Please change your own clothes.

SUP experience lecture

You will receive explanations from the guide on precautions and basic operations during the experience.


We will explain the surface of the lake and give a paddle lecture. We'll be demonstrating while actually using the board, so let's practice while moving together!

Start the tour

It's finally time to leave on the surface of the lake!

There are many ways to enjoy SUP! Please enjoy the special time spent at Taisetsu Dam ♪

Tour end/dissolution

Return to the meeting point and finish the tour!

A dam lake SUP experience in a national park that you wouldn't normally be able to enter

Thank you for your hard work!

※Customers using the shuttle service will be dropped off at the departure hotel

In case of NOT using the pick-up service, you can enjoy the experience from the following places.

北海道上川町層雲峡温泉, 0781701 北海道上川町, Japan

Note: pick-up will start 5 minutes before departure.
Pick-up service is available at the following places.
  • 【現地集合/送迎不要】マイカー又はレンタカー利用
  • ホテル大雪<ツアー実施30分前出発>
  • 層雲峡観光ホテル<ツアー実施30分前>
  • 層雲閣<ツアー実施30分前>
  • 朝陽リゾートホテル<ツアー実施30分前>
  • 朝陽亭<ツアー実施30分前>


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