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Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Cape Hedo, Daisekirinzan Hiking Course (Hip-Hop Bus Course C) (192221)

11 h
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Cape Hedo, Daisekirinzan Hiking Course (Hip-Hop Bus Course C)
The only bus tour in Okinawa that takes you to the northernmost part of Okinawa - Cape Hedo and Daisekirinzan!

  • Hike in the rich nature of Yanbaru National Park and Daisekirinsan.
  • Enjoy a 3 hour stay at the most popular spot- Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium! (Admission ticket included)
  • Shop & dine at the northernmost road station in all of Okinawa- Yui Yui Kunigami.
  • 1 free bottle of mineral water included! (Kume Island deep-sea water)
  • Multilingual audio guide available in 5 languages.

Cancellation Charges:

If cancelled on the day of departure: 100% of tour fee

If cancelled 1 day before departure: 50% of tour fee

If cancelled 2 days before departure: 40% of tour fee

If cancelled 7 days before departure: 30% of tour fee


Jumbo Tours


  • Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium admission ticket
  • Daisekirinsan entrance fee
  • Multilingual Audio Guide
  • Round-trip bus transportation fee
  • Tour conductor fee
  • Multilingual audio guide
  • Earphones
  • Consumption tax



Please note

  • You will receive a confirmation email after you have made a booking.
  • This tour is not accompanied by a tour guide. The tour conductor will lead the participants to the entrance of each attraction. The participants will be free to explore each place on their own.
  • Please understand that even if attractions included in the tour are closed due to uncontrollable factors such as adverse weather conditions, we will not provide a refund for any price differences.
  • The bus will not stop at boarding points for which there are no bookings. If you would like to change the boarding point, please contact the tour operator by 6:00 PM on the day before the tour.
  • The tour may end much later than the scheduled time depending on traffic and road conditions.
  • It is possible to get off at a different stop than you boarded, if it is a designated boarding point.
  • It is possible to store large items such as suitcases and baby strollers in the trunk of the bus, however passengers are responsible for the safekeeping of their valuables.
  • Those in wheelchairs (folding wheelchairs only) may participate, however the bus is not a low-floor (non-step) bus.
  • Please understand that you may have to sit next to another passenger on the bus.


**As this course includes hiking at Daisekirinzan, please wear comfortable clothing and footwear that is suitable for hiking.

Experience type

Day tour / Activity

Advance booking

Cancel : 1 day


11 h

Audio guide

English Japanese Chinese Korean Thai Russian Spanish

やんばるの森ビジターセンター ドームシアター




Roadside Station - Yui Yui Kunigami

Shop and dine at the northernmost roadside station in Okinawa - Yui Yui Kunigami.

There are products that can only be purchased here and we recommend the famous Inobuta Pork Okinawa Soba!

Sojourn Time: About 50 minutes

Cape Hedo

Located 120 km north of Naha, Cape Hedo is the northernmost point in Okinawa. On clear days you can see Yoron Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, located 22 km away. The view of the cobalt blue sea from the protruding coral cliffs is breathtaking! The scenery of the western coast on the way to to Cape Hedo is also noteworthy.

Sojourn time: About 20 minutes


Designated as Yanbaru National Park in September 2016! After strolling through an area containing subtropical plants and megalith rock formations that can only be seen in this area, admire the vast ocean from the observatory. If you are lucky you may even be able to see the Yanbaru Kuina - an endangered bird species! It has been known as a sacred place since long ago! Choose from 4 hiking courses - including a barrier-free course.

**Jumbo Tours supports the registration of Amami and Ryukyu as a World Natural Heritage.

Sojourn time: About 1 hour and 20 minutes.

ヤンバルクイナ生態展示学習施設 クイナの森



Note: pick-up will start 5 minutes before departure.
Pick-up service is available at the following places.
  • 08:00am 県民広場(沖縄県庁前)/ Kenmin Hiroba (Prefectural Office)
  • 08:20amT ギャラリア沖縄 by DFS (”洋服の青山”付近)


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