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This terms of use (noted "this agreement" in the following) is for the provided service within "JJ Activity" (https://jjactivity.com and noted "the site" in the following) operated by Jumbo Tours Co., Ltd (noted "the company" in the following).The information posted on the site is provided by tour operators and activity providers (noted "suppliers" in the following). Please read this agreement before using the site.

Article 1


1.1 This agreement is for both customers using the site and the company. Once accessed, read, and used the site, customers are to have agreed with this agreement and the privacy policy of the company.

1.2 This agreement may be changed at any time at our discretion without prior notice to the customers. Changes to this agreement shall take effect when displayed on the site, unless otherwise specified by the company. If the customers use the site after changing this agreement, the customers will be deemed to have agreed to the changes, and the changed terms shall apply.

Article 2


The company, on the site, will provide suppliers' responsibilities for the information necessary for the tour and activity reservation such as the tour and activity contents, fees, reservation availability, cancellation policy provided by suppliers. The company does not take any responsibility for the contents of the information except for those that occur due to our intentional or negligible non-transmission of information.

Article 3


3.1 After confirming the tour and activity information provided on the site, the customer shall provide the registration information and other information specified by the company and apply for reservation.

3.2 When the company accepts the contract by the customer and the following reservation is confirmed, the contract shall be concluded for the use.
Instant Confirmation: The reservation is confirmed immediately when the customer makes a reservation on the site.
Reservation on request: After the customer makes a reservation on the site, the company sends an acceptance of the reservation to the customer by using the registered e-mail address or the communication method provided by this service.

3.3 After the conclusion of the contract set forth in the preceding paragraph, suppliers may change other transaction conditions such as tour fees. Even in this case, the other transaction conditions such as tour fees at the time that the agreement was made before the change will apply.

3.4 For the customer without Japanese nationality must ensure that the customer meets the conditions for entry and stay in Japan (including the necessary documents such as passports and visas) when the customer applies for a reservation. The company shall not be liable for any damages caused by breach of the provisions of this section.

Article 4


4.1 The customer shall pay the full amount of the tour and activity fee etc. at the time of booking by the payment method set by the company.

4.2 If the reservation is not confirmed due to suppliers after the customer makes a reservation, the full amount of the tour fee will be refunded.

Article 5


5.1 The customer can make amendments or cancel the reservation in accordance with the cancellation policy set by suppliers.

5.2 The customer can cancel the contract at any time by paying the fee specified in the preceding paragraph.

Article 6


Due to the bad weather, tours and activity may not be available if suppliers decide to cancel. In that case, the company will refund the full price.

Article 7


Personal information will be used to provide the service. Personal information may be provided or outsourced to the transportation agency, tourist facility, etc. that provides the service. Major transportation facilities, tourist facilities, etc. are listed in each schedule. Regarding the personal information provided, we will not share the personal information without the consent of the person. Please contact the following for requests for disclosure, correction, etc. of personal information.

Personal information protection manager Senior managing director contact:
Jumbo Tours Co., Ltd. General Affairs Personal Information Consultation Counter (Weekdays 10: 00-17: 00 [Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, and holidays]) Residence: 〒900-0015 2-15-10 Kumoji, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture Kumoji BK Building Jumbo Tours Co., Ltd. Personal information protection policy

Article 8


When using the site, the customer shall not perform any of the following actions.

8.1 Acts that violate this agreement, laws and regulations, and other terms of use set by the company.

8.2 Acts that infringe or may infringe on the rights, honors and others of the company or third parties.

8.3 Acts of transmitting information to the company by impersonating another person.

8.4 Acts of use of the site for purpose other than its intended use.

8.5 Acts that violate or may be offensive.

8.6 Acts of transmitting or writing harmful computer programs.

8.7 Acts such as meaningless continuous posting

8.8 Acts of solicitation of organizations, services, or activities that the company determines to be unrelated to the site.

8.9 Acts of directly transacting between the customer or business operators based on the information posted on the site without going through the site.

8.10 Acts of using the information of the customer obtained through the site for a purpose other than the use of the site and providing the information to third parties without the customer's permission.

8.11 Acts of making profits through the site by conducting resale or making reservations for commercial purposes to others without the company's consent.

8.12 All other acts that we deem inappropriate at the company's discretion.

Article 9


9.1 The company shall not be liable for any trouble between the customer and suppliers or between the customer.

9.2 The company shall not be liable for any events or circumstances such as natural disasters, accidents, tour delays, cancellations, duplicate reservation, strikes caused by beyond the company's control.

Article 10


In the event of any question not stipulated in this agreement or any doubts regarding this agreement, the parties concerned shall discuss in good faith and endeavor to resolve them harmoniously.

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